True gift of A Prophet and Seer


True gift of A Prophet and Seer

For those who called to the gift of prophetic power of visions, dreams, and an open heaven . I’m going to only point out how it works together or single I hope this bring understanding to those who do not understand their gift which they are called to .

Prophetic : is impartation, the word Nabity is a Hebrew word for prophesy which means ” to flow forth, to bubble forth like a fountain, to let drop,to lift, to tumble forth, to spring forth.   The Greek word is prophesy is translated to speak for another.” It speaking for God or to be His spokesman. The gift of prophecy is speaking under the direct supernatural influence of the Holy spirit.  Becoming God’s mouth piece, to verbalize His words as the spirit directs  The Greek word propheteia means speaking forth the mind and counsel of God and a voice of Christ in speaking to the Church.

The maine purpose of prophecy : To edify— to build up , to strengthen, to make more effective.  To exhort— to stimulate, to encourage, to admonish.    To comfort— to cheer up. Scriptures in how the bible use the Hebrew word Nabiy. Gen. 20:7, Deut.34:10, Ex.7:1, Jer.1:5, Mal.4:5,  Mat.11:14, Deut.18:18 .

The Seer Realm : Prophet lies in the particular and distinctive real of the seer.  Remember all true seers are prophets……  but NOT all prophets are seers.   The word seer describes a particular type of prophet who receives prophetic revelation or impartation. Old Testament uses two words to refer to seer 1. ra’ah and chozeh .which means to see vision, to gaze, to look upon, to perceive.  Chozeh means a beholder in vision and can also be translated as gazer or star-gazer. This should be now a little clearer,  the prophetic, revelation, is inspired as hear, speaker, while a seer is visual.  A prophet is the communicative dimension and the seer is the receptive dimension .  Scriptures that uses for seer are 2-Chron. 29:30, 2 Sam.24:11-12. 2Sam.7:2-5, 2 Chron. 29:25

People who do not move in the seer gift do not move in dreams, but nonetheless strong in prophetic vessels at the same time, they can see angels, demons, lights,colors, dreams, and visions but do not have capacity to encourage people spontaneously or verbally.  Prophetic impartation; means MASSA which refers to ” the hand of God” that release the burden of the Lord. The Lord deposits something that was not theirs before then we carry the burden as a word commission from the Lord. Which he lays on us [ a burden ] for a particular situation we carry that were imparted to us for days, weeks, months, even years. He gives us supernatural enablement of grace , the holy spirit endowments to prophesy and interceede in a way never before.

Seer:  Is highly anointed and sensitive, impartation comes sometimes after waiting, contemplative, meditations upon the Lord. Then it brings healing, deliverance movement, each movement had a different manifestation and operations the Seer gift is the gift of Elisha.  Prophecy in modern-day in the church is manifested in revelation, interpretations, application.   Were going to stop here for now I hope this give you a makes you want to study more about your gifts to get understanding and hearing from the holy spirit.

O Lord were praying according to your word to open the people eye’s that they may see, open the eye’s to their heart of their inner self that they may be enlighten to perceive your spiritual truths. To know the hope of their calling with shafts of revelation of your light. To know your surpassing greatness of your power that work in us through the prophetic and seer dimension with understanding so we may see clear all around us and in the spirit realm…. but most of all to praise and worship you in Jesus name we pray amen [ So be it ]




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